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Social Relationships

Page history last edited by Debra Lee 14 years, 10 months ago

Social Relationship Theories



Bjorkland and Bee (2008) discuss the four theories below in their chapter on social relationships. The chapter focuses on relationships and changes to them during adulthood, from individual to social roles. The roles examined include all of our relationships from family to work to friends. What is not covered is one of the topics I am most interested in, online social relationships and how they differ or are similar to face-to-face relationships.


Attachment Theory

Evolutionary Pyschology Theory

Socioemotional Selectivity Theory

The Convoy Model


Comments (2)

Everett Painter said

at 11:23 am on Jun 16, 2009


I'm also interested in the impact of social networking on relationship development. I'm doing something with that as one of our learning activities for class. Let me know if you ever want to chat.


Debra Lee said

at 12:45 pm on Jun 16, 2009

Everett, it would be great to chat. As I work on this wiki, I am beginning to realize that I am going to have to focus on one or two themes or I will never get this done with any sort of depth before the class ends. One of the most interesting areas for me is the impact of social networking.

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