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Primary Aging

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Primary Aging



Why we age has long been the subject of debate. The theories discussed in this section attempt to answer that question. Bjorklund & Bee (2008) warn, however, to remember that we should not consider each theory as a stand-alone answer to the problem. Each theoretical approach can have an impact on another. For example, caloric restriction minimizes oxidative stress in neutron DNA. Review the information (and all theories for that matter) with the idea that it may not be just one theory that provides an answer to a problem. The eclectic approach to finding an answer to your question may, in the end, be the best approach.


Also, as an aging baby boomer, who was a sun worshipper as a college student, I hate to think about oxidative damage and how that is affecting my body.


Theories on Primary Aging

Oxidative Damage

Genetic Limit

Caloric Restriction



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