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Adult Development Theories


In summer 2009, I took an Adult Development class (EP 522) at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Roger Hiemstra, a well-respected adult educator was our course instructor. As part of the course requirements, I have decided to create a wiki on adult development theories, of which there are many, to help me keep the theories straight and to look for connections to general education theory and second language acquisition theories, my area of specialization.


This website is a work in progress and will change occasionally, as I become more familiar with adult development and learning theories. The current organzational format will be to create a page for each theory, with a brief explanation of the theory, including authors credited with the theory development/exploration and appropriate citations. Cross-references to similar theories will also be provided, along with a thematic page for each theme in adult learning theories.


Theme: Social Relationships

Adult Development/Learning Theories: Attachment Theory, The Convoy Model, Socioemotional Selectivty Theory, Evolutionary Psychology Theory,


The sidebar (right-hand side of your screen) will direct you to the themes and theories as they develop. I hope you enjoy exploring with me. If you have been invited to join the wiki, I have given you writer status, so please feel free to comment and add theories or definitions that you think are appropriate. Have fun browsing.


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